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Nami ML
Design & Development
about client

Nami helps app publishers and developers focus on profitability and recurring revenue streams. Their mission is to empower developers to get back to creating app experiences users will happily pay for.

project overview

Nami was ready to take the next step on becoming the best company to offer a subscription-based service. They felt the existing brand was not representing who they truly are or making their offering clear to partners and customers.

I crafted a new digital identity that provided clarity to both their internal team and customers, along with a whole new website built in Webflow that not only improved user experience but took the company to a whole new level, closing their biggest contracts to date.

Better paywalls without the dev cycles

  • digital identity
  • UI/UX Design
  • website design
  • design system
  • iconography
  • illustrations
  • webflow development
  • css design awards - ui / ux / innovation
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Nami Website Design

Nami needed to bring clarity to their customers. The service and existing brand were both excellent but difficult to understand. Early on, we identified that users visiting to the Nami website we’re not clear on the brand’s offering or purpose. We focused on improving messaging to communicate more clearly what they do and how can they serve the different group of audiences they’re targeting.

Nami also lacked a clear vision and brand values which resulted in a misalignment internally. Along with this, they felt that the current identity was not representing the status of the brand they wanted to be.

Stuck on the 8th rank in Google search results,  Nami also faced poor website speed and mobile experience.

Nami Iconography
Nami UI Illustrations
Happy subscribers
Nami Mobile website design
Nami Mobile website design
Nami ML careers page
the outcome

I revamped Nami’s brand strategy, defining brand values and providing clarity to their message and positioning. This brought clarity to the internal team, where everyone felt aligned and confident. Complex services were now clearly communicated not only on the website but across other channels like their ads campaigns.

I crafted a new brand identity for Nami including a new color palette, typography system, and a set of custom illustrations and icons for cross-channel use. Everything was compiled into an easy to use style guide for Nami's internal team to reinforce consistency of the digital brand identity moving forward.

The new website includes a custom CMS that is easy to manage for careers, press releases, product features, and testimonials. Right after launch, we observed a boost in site speed for both mobile and desktop.

website speed
google ranking

Ethan took sometimes confusing or unclear requirements and brought them to life effectively. We didn’t require much interaction or re-work which is rare with such projects. From the get go, each deliverable was better we imagined. We couldn’t wait to show the world.

Dan Burcaw - Co Founder & CEO, Nami
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