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ethan suero — 2021
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Hola, I'm Ethan — an independent digital designer based in Manchester, UK, looking to build dope digital brand experiences that turn users into fans.

my story

In 2018, I had a great job but realized that I wasn't feeling fulfilled. So I took a chance. I embarked on a journey to better understand myself and discover what I really love doing —and that's when I found my passion for design.

Over the last three years, I've collaborated with brands and creative agencies as an independent digital designer and Webflow developer. In the process, I’ve aimed to push the limits of design (and some CEOs) to deliver the best work I possibly can.

Here's a brief overview of my background and experience to date.

Independent Designer
2018 - Present
Junior UI/UX Designer
bet365 - 2020
Disruptive Social, 2020 - 2021
Webflow Support, Web Design & Freelance coach
Flux Academy, 2021 - Present
UX Design Institute
2018 - Present
Flux Academy
2018 - 2019
Psychology Degree
2011 - 2015
Brand identity, Packaging, Typography, UI/UX design, Iconography, Design Systems, Web design, Webflow, Interactive design.
humble brag
Awwwards - Nominations x2
CSS Design Awards - UI x3
CSS Design Awards - UX x3
CSS Design Awards - Innovation x3

And how I can bring joy to a dope agency like BASIC®

brand identity
Creating compelling visual identities for digital brands, including guidelines and design systems to ensure the experience remains consistent across all communication channels.
website design
Designing digital experiences that tell stories and connect with people— all while being easy to use and making room for delightful interactions along the way.
Webflow is a popular no-code tool that allows designers to develop custom websites from scratch, visually.

I've become an expert on this platform and am able to develop my own projects 5x times faster than conventional development, delivering top performing websites that are responsive, accessible, and SEO friendly.

By the way, people seem to enjoy working with me — here's some love from good friends.

frankie margotta / strategist / siegel+Gale
"Ethan and I have partnered on multiple independent projects and am continually impressed by the level of skill and thinking he brings to every engagement, as well as his ability to fuse strategic insight with digital storytelling to create delightful experiences. His optimism and unwavering dedication to his craft, clients, and collaborators make him a guaranteed asset to any team he joins.”
harry hammond / creative director / disruptive social
“Ethan has a great sense of design, he adapts well to suit a multitude of client briefs whilst honing his skill in development and project management. An artist at heart, Ethan’s skill set crosses the boundaries of both creativity and logic allowing him to craft meaningful work that tells each brands story.”

I feel very thankful for being able to help such cool brands. I'm humbled by the opportunity of showing you some of my favorites.


Technology, Subscriptions, Apps
Digital Identity
UI/UX Design
Website Design
Design System
Webflow Development
live website
Website showcase and logo design
Nami was ready to take the next step in their aim to become the best company to offer a subscription-based service. With the decision made to switch their messaging towards making subscribers happy, it was time to update their digital presence to help communicate their mission and represent the brand with a more reliable and premium feel.

On the technical aspect, they were stuck on the 8th rank in Google search and struggling with poor website speed and mobile experience.
Even though the mark remained intact, I crafted a whole new identity for Nami including a new color palette, typography, and a set of custom illustrations and icons that could be used not only on their site but across multiple channels. Everything was compiled into an easy-to-understand design system so Nami's internal team could keep the consistency of their brand identity across all channels.

The new Website was developed in only 2 weeks including a custom CMS that is easy to manage for careers, press releases, product features, and testimonials. Right after going live, we noticed that mobile speed improved by 70% and for desktop a 60%.
Nami's design system

Thin Reel

Creative agency, video production
UI/UX Design
Website Design
Webflow Development
live website
Website showcase and iphone device
Thin Reel is a creative studio based on the south coast of the UK. They were looking to leverage the business to become more of an agency as at the time they were considered a small local studio. Besides, their website was performing very poorly, especially on mobile where some sections were not very responsive.
In less than 3 months, Thin Reel's website was live with a whole new design that positioned the business as an established agency vs a small studio. With the new Webflow CMS I designed they are now able to update case studies, design landing pages for Google Ads, and manage testimonials and FAQs, in a matter of minutes. Besides, the mobile site speed improved by a 70% and for desktop a 20%.

Since the launch of the new website, Thin Reel has noticed an increase in demand for its services and even taken international clients onboard.
Website showcase

And here are some projects that also deserve a special mention.

Designed and developed a landing page for a new creative agency that specialises on building design systems.
frankie margotta
Developed and help on designing a new interactive website to features case studies.
aviate foods
Crafted a new brand identity from scratch, packaging and website featuring an eCommerce integration for an innovative new food brand.


private & confidential
ethan suero — 2021
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