Nice to
meet you!

I’m Ethan, a brand identity and web designer based in the UK. You already know the importance of creating a unique experience to your clients both with your brand identity and website, my goal is to help you tell your story.

Ethan Illustration

Hard work

I truly care about your success, that’s why I don’t work 9-5 but from problem to solution, my goal is to really understand your business and design a tailored solution to your specific needs.

We're a team

I have a tremendous respect for all my clients, that’s why I like to work closely with them, like an extension of their business. For that reason, you’ll be involved in the project from the very beginning because I don’t work for you but with you.

Good times

Having fun is a key part of the experience, I would rather prefer to work with someone that I enjoy working with than a jerk with amazing skills, so why wouldn’t you?


Everybody wants to be different, that’s why I always try thinking out of the box and provide a unique solution that will make your clients feel they belong to something special.

"Ethan put in great time and effort in helping us better understand the startup and principles of brand communication and then together found ways to communicate what the brand is truly about."
Clarissa J. Luttmann
Founder & CEO | montech

So… are we friends already?